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Forward curved centrifugal impellers, tablocked on both sides to two stell rings and double disk at the center.

The blade has been designed to minimize the loss caused y the air turbulence and to achieve the minium sound level with the maximum effi ciency.

All wheels are dynamically balanced.


Constructed form electro-welded sheet steel. A cut-off to prevent turbulence is mounted on the discharge side.

The side plates are provided with inlet and drill holes for fi xing the base support as well as the motor support.

The RTC models are manufactured using standard fan and adding rectangular structure built with “L” profi les. This frame is spot-welded to the fan and strengthens the unit.


The motors are fi tted with a support including rubber antivibration mounts. Motors are in accordance with CEI 34-1 and UNE 20-113 standards.
CM:   Open motor, IP10, class B, 1 speed.
CM 3V:   Open motor, IP10, class B, 3 speeds.
CM/AL:   Aluminium housing closed motors, IP44, class F, 1 speed.
RE:   External rotor motors, IP54, class F, 1 speed.
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